ESST 317 – Passion Project

Hi everyone,

For my passion project I decided to explore my family’s conflict with the Kinder Morgan pipeline. I did a presentation and my speaker notes should be included! If not, please let me know, as technology is often not my friend.

Thank you!

— Miss M


ESST 317 – Book Talk

Hello everyone!

It has been awhile since I have posted, but I was assigned to do a book talk in my university Social Studies class. I apologize for the clarity and disorganization of the clip, it is my first time making a video and I gave it my best shot! I’ll be sure to edit it when I have the time to catch up on all of my assignments!

– Miss. M

Pre-Internship: Week Seven

The last day is here! Today Miss Emilie and I did another team teach. We had both the grade 7/8’s for physical education and for literacy! For the physical education period we wanted for our kiddos to have a lot of fun, so we had them warm up with a few versions of “Octopus” a tag game, where if you get caught you become “it” when the remaining students try to make it across the gym without getting caught. After our students were all warmed up we introduced them to our main game; a combination of prison break, capture the flag and dodgeball. We had three pylons on each teams side in addition to a small ball to hide underneath one of them. The object of the game was to try to make it across and back with the ball without being caught. If you were caught, you would go to your “jail” which was on the other teams side. Those caught would then line up one at a time and wait for their teammates to come and free them. It was really fun and we were surprised that our class were liking it a lot more than we originally thought. The one thing we did not take into consideration was the amount of competition between our students. It reminded me a lot of when I was in school; because both mine and this elementary school are very sports oriented, so it is often hard for students to treat these activities as a game rather than a competition. Aside from a few small disputes, things did run smoothly.

The literacy lesson, we had the opportunity to plan for their reading buddies class! Our 7/8’s are paired up with a class of grade ones and they look forward to this meeting every month; because that is only how often they get to go. Emilie and I had an idea to do a tissue paper art piece with them, however there was a last minute change in the schedule and there was a pep rally to celebrate the boys and girls volleyball teams going into the finals! So we went to the pep rally and cheered on our teams, including four of the students in our class. After the pep rally we went upstairs to meet with the grade ones to do some sing along songs and do partner reading. Even though we did not get to do what we originally wanted to do, it was so nice to see our class interacting with their buddies. I wish schools did this a lot more often! Reading buddies was so beneficial to me growing up; being both the young student and the older student.

After we were done school we decided to head over to the volleyball championships, as our professors for the night were kind enough to let us go. Let me tell you, there is no feeling to describe the feeling of when your students see you in the stands cheering them on. They were so excited, the moment we got there one of our boys ran to the two others in our class and pointed to us and they waving at us. For me it was especially great as I spent a few lunches helping one of our boys with his serve. Every time he would up to serve I could see how much more confident he looked and I was so proud of him. The night ended with both our boys and our girls taking home the gold! I couldn’t have asked for a better memory for this semester.

Pre-Internship: Week Six

This week in pre-internship I got to do a literacy lesson. This has been the lesson I’ve kind of been dreading all semester, because it is not my strong subject; it never was. I thought about my struggles in school and I was trying to figure out how to reach out to my grade sevens and make this lesson fun and enjoyable. I just wanted it to be different, but the thing was I was over thinking it. My lovely co-op told me that they were focusing on short stories, introducing the idea of plot structure.

So I chose a story in the literacy textbook; one that I could use to demonstrate short stories, but also introduce the concept of prediction. This story is called “Catch” by Sarah Ellis. I pre-marked specific spots in the story where I would stop reading and ask them to make a prediction on a sticky note and then we would discuss each of our takes and our reasoning for it. In the future, I plan on doing this for the first time I read the story so I can give clear examples of my students. However, they all responded very well and were engaged because it was a story of suspense, the possibilities were endless! It was fun to see their faces as I read the climax of the story; some with the “I knew it!” face and some that were like “no way!”; I was so relieved that my students were engaging with this literacy lesson.

After we were done reading over the story, we discussed the falling action/conclusion where it talked about guardian angels. So we bounced ideas off of each other, about what that really means and how it fits in theme of the story. We went over the title and what it represents, and the pictures in the book and then we looked over plot structure again. I had some phrases from the story written out and given to the pairs of students. I gave them a few minutes to discover where their parts of the story ended up on the plot structure line: the introduction, rising action, climax, falling action and conclusion/resolution.  At first I felt like this lesson would not intrigue the students but we talked about so much and they all had something to include, it was amazing. Next time, my goal is to go a little deeper into the meaning of the themes and expand their imaginations.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 10.31.28 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 10.31.42 AM.png

Pre-Internship: Week Five

This week my topic changed from grade seven math to grade eight science; though I was terrified about this when I first heard about it, I became super excited when I came up with the perfect idea. The grade eight science teacher was just moving on into body systems, so I decided to begin to introduce the respiratory system, starting with pulse rates and respiratory rates.

I asked the students first if anyone knew how to check their pulse, a lot said no. Then I had them guess the four spots a person can take their pulse; a few were surprised that the inside of the elbow and the foot were included in that. I loved their reactions. After I walked them through the process of how to take their pulse, I told them that I would keep time for them, all they had to do was count their pulse until I said stop (about 20 secs). They would then write down the number they had and times it by 3, to get a total of ___ beats per 60 secs (1 minute).

Since every student had their resting heart rate, I then split everyone off into groups. This lab works best in groups of three, however if there are groups of four, there is then extra help. The lab starts with one person being the exerciser, the counter and the timer; everyone will go through each stage at least once. As soon as the person exercises for 30 seconds, they immediately check their pulse and record their beats, in addition to tracking respiratory rates in the same format. The counter focuses on counting the exercise subject’s breaths; students can count their peers’ breathing rates by watching their stomach move in and out or shoulders going up and down. . They then wait for a minute post-exercise to take their pulse/respiratory rates, and then repeat for another minute.

Overall my grade eights seemed to thoroughly enjoy the lab and they liked learning how to take their pulse. It was also nice to experience teaching grade eights, as I have only taught the grade sevens in our split. The only thing I forgot to do was slow down, as I was worried that we would not have enough time to get everyone through the lab. I soon began to realize that I would have more than enough time for this lab AND to go over the pre and post lab questions attached. Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 8.04.38 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 8.05.10 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 8.03.52 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 8.03.59 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 8.04.08 AM.png

Pre-Internship: Week Four

Fourth day of our internship was Halloween! What a crazy day it was! Instead of doing formal lesson planning for this day, Miss Verity and I came up with a couple of math games and brain teasers for our kids to enjoy. Because it was such a beautiful day, we did our brain teasers outside and Miss Verity also set time aside to tell an ancient Indigenous story about the changing of seasons.

I was really curious about the reactions of my students, as we have not witnessed a class revolving around Treaty Education yet. It made my heart so happy when I saw 28 intrigued and smiling faces looking at Miss. Verity, wanting to know more about this story. It was a nice day to relax and get to know the students in this classroom; who did sports, who loved the arts, what their hobbies were, it was amazing to get to know them more, and because of this I feel that I will be able to put what I have learned into my future lessons to make them more inclusive.

I have two weeks to make a grade seven math lesson, going over the beginning stages of algebra, I am super excited! Looking forward to recharge and give the rest of the semester all I got!


Pre-Internship: Week Three

On the third day of our pre-internship, I had the pleasure of working with our co-op’s neighbour in a social studies class. The class that I was teaching happened to be the second group of students I taught the week before, so I was already feeling comfortable with them.

I was clueless about what to do for a Social Studies lesson, however my wonderful co-op mentioned that I could do a theme revolving around Remembrance Day, as it was approaching within the next month. I thought about what serious activities I could do with this important day, because in grade seven, we should be breaking down the meaning of Remembrance Day as a whole. Following this thought, I decided to bring in a carousel activity that I had learned in my last few years of university. I printed out seven pictures demonstrating the affects of war; specially the Korean War, because in grade seven Social Studies, they primarily learn about countries boarding the Pacific Rim. I had chart paper at each of the stations and split my students up into seven groups. Each group will go through each of the stations writing how the photograph makes them feel and what they feel is happening in the photo and they will switch stations every two minutes. Once they get to their original station, they will look over what has been added throughout the activity and present their charts and what stood out to them, and the common theme.

The first class went well, they engaged in appropriate discussions in the photographs, talking about what could have been happening in a picture, how it makes them feel, how the individuals in that photo felt… It was very rewarding to see these students become engaged and participate. The only critiques I had for myself and from others were that: a) my video hook at the beginning of class could not get sound, so I had to get it straightened out before the next class and b) I was not able to get to the end of my activity, time ran over. However, in spite of those two things, I was already super confident in my activity for the next class… it actually did not go as planned.

The second class, I STILL could not figure out the video (technology and I do not mix!) however, the students were even more engaged in the video because of that; they wanted to take it all in. The instruction did not go as planned; I think that I rushed it a little because of the fact that we did not have time to do the end of my lesson, where I would tie the outcome and the activity together. Because instruction was a little rushed, I did a lot of hopping from group to group, as there was a lot of confusion involving the activity, which lead to disengagement. As I was running around helping clarify instructions, I became a little frazzled and stressed. I was able to make it to the end of my activity, where I tied the outcome with the purpose of the activity and that is when the lightbulbs went off and we had a genuine discussion as a class about the Korean War, with more students adding their own opinions and knowings to the group.

The idea of the activity is that children will begin to see how every one of their peers think differently and understand the seriousness of war; that it is not what is often portrayed. I feel that my students understood that and therefore are more aware of Remembrance Day as a whole, what it represents.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 9.48.28 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-26 at 9.55.49 PM

Pre-Internship: Week Two

The second week of our pre-internship went more smoothly than the first week. I taught my first lesson in science and it was an absolute blast! The week leading up to it was very stressful, piecing everything together and what I should include for this group of grade 7’s. I was super thankful to be able to teach this class twice, as my co-op originally taught the class twice in a row because our school has four 7/8 splits.

For my lesson, I focused on mountain formation, with an activity that demonstrates how mountains are formed. For my first lesson I thought it actually went very well; students were engaged for the most part, and seemed to enjoy the activity. There were just a few tweaks to make for the next class such as more detailed instruction, and having students hand in the supplies to the activity after they are done so they are not distracted during the worksheet activity. In the second class, I focused on detailed instruction at the beginning of the class and wrote steps out on the board in addition to the pages in the textbook we would be looking at. After having the groups hand in their materials, they were all on task working with the questions based on the textbook. I walked around the room the entire time, joining in on discussions and further explaining the development of mountains.

What a great week! After teaching these lessons I was super excited and relieved. I knew for a fact that teaching is what I want to do with my life.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 2.22.32 PM

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 1.24.36 PM

Pre-Internship: Week One

The first day of pre-internship was overwhelming but exciting! My partner Miss Emilie Verity and I were really looking forward to meeting our 7/8 class. The morning was a little overwhelming, we met around 60 of our new students! In addition to our home room of 28 students, we also met two other classes of grade sevens that come over to our co-op’s room for science class. It was a busy morning to say the least! In the morning I realized quickly that I need to be more confident when working with these grades. I am a person who needs to become familiar and comfortable with my surroundings before engaging with people. In the afternoon, it became a lot easier; our students were becoming more familiar with us, and that helped me settle in.

The environment of the classroom is very welcoming, and there are many ideas that I will take and put into my own classroom. I love the idea of the garage/sliding door between classrooms, especially classes that switch rooms often; it is a smooth transition. This class room has tables for desks. I love that it is not in the typical row-like fashion and that everyone has a partner to sit with. There are also rolling stools for students who do not like sitting in plain, flat chairs and have to fidget. This is super important to me because I was that student growing up and we did not have that option in our schools yet, so it was easy for me to lose concentration. Having a homework board displayed at the front of the classroom is beneficial for the class, because they always have the reminder on the board about assignments and projects. They also have an enlarged calendar beside the homework board, that they use to show spirit days, assignment due dates and class birthdays! Finally, I have included the class job board because it is a super idea to have in the classroom as it gives our students the opportunity to start gaining life skills; which is extremely important to introduce and pay attention to at this age.

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